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Learn all About Lag B’Omer with Rabbi Yitzchak Adler

Sunday, May 7 at 11:00 am.  Arapahoe Group Home
20 Arapahoe Road
West Hartford

All are welcome.
RSVP requested.

"The care that my brother gets just boggles my mind. I never really have to think about his well-being because I know that you are doing a fantastic job."
- Family Member, 2016 Family Survey

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JCL’s core values are simple [and not negotiable]. The men and women with developmental disabilities that JCL supports participate in and contribute to all aspects of community life, strengthened by support from family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens. 

Therefore, JCL is dedicated to seeing that the individuals we support are encouraged and empowered to live their lives to their fullest potential, experiencing all the benefits and opportunities any one of us can access and enjoy. 

JCL values equality, respect and fairness in all of our interactions and we strive to achieve the highest standards of quality in our programs.

In return, we believe our community responds with acceptance, welcoming our men and women into their homes, workplaces, community centers, synagogues and churches, medical offices, and restaurants — something that a generation or two ago was not nearly as likely to happen.

Thank you to all of our families for trusting in us, our employees for journeying with us, our donors for supporting us, our community partners for embracing us and to the complete strangers we encounter along the way for walking toward us, not away from us. 

JCL serves all faiths and backgrounds. JCL provides a unique resource for Jewish families who have a family member with a developmental disability.



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